Management Matters

A leading consensus among those in the global health community is that stronger and more resilient health delivery systems will be required in the future — for preparedness against future epidemics like Ebola, for continuing the fight against the top killers of children and mothers around the world, and for building capacity to handle the growing burden of chronic, non-communicable diseases in the developing world. Ministries of Health (MoHs) play a critical role in organizing and delivering these healthcare services. 

For MoHs to design and implement effective, cutting-edge, and sustainable community health delivery systems, it is essential that they be supported with strong leadership and management expertise. In many MoHs, however, technical skill-sets are strong but often lack managerial, financial, or strategic proficiency. There is a mounting body of evidence, including from practices used commonly in the private sector, that shows how “management matters” and is essential in driving systemic change.