AMP Health Kenya


  • Formalized the recognition of CHEWs as an official cadre of health workers in Kenya
  • Facilitated a framework for counties to access over $40M in GFF funds for county-level community health system development
  • Partnered in the development of an assessment tool to evaluate the functionality of county-level community health units to inform & aid advocacy support efforts
  • Contributed to universal health coverage being one of the 'big four' priorities of the re-elected president for the 2nd term



Kenya is in the process of scaling up a community health services model centered around community health units, which is defined in Kenya’s Strategy for Community Health 2014-2019. This model creates a need for ~45,000 employed community health extension workers (CHEWs) nationally, a 10x increase from the current level. To address this need, AMP Health began working in Kenya in 2015 by supporting the rollout of a community health strategy, including training and equipping CHEWs, supporting the improvement of the community health system, and increasing new funding allocations towards community health at the county level. 


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