Responsive Support to Ministries of Health

The AMP Health menu of support is offered to the Ministry of Health teams for a duration of two to five years. Opportunities include, but are not limited to,

  • Tailored on-the-job and targeted training for individual Ministry of Health team members (e.g., through professional coaches, offline and online courses)
  • Role modelling and problem-solving through secondment of Management Partners. These are mid-career professionals with significant private sector expertise embedded within the Ministry of Health.
  • Best practice exchange with other countries through regular convenings
  • Technical and managerial assistance from both an in-country and global multi-stakeholder mentor network

Leadership and Implementation

Program Design & Implementation

  • Cross-country and cross-sector problem-solving
  • Targeted technical and business consulting services
  • Collecting and sharing learnings and best practices in community health delivery


  • On-the-job application of private sector tools and principles
  • On-demand virtual trainings in leadership and management 
  • Mentoring and coaching from global health and business leaders
  • In-person "Leadership Labs"