Our Model

Ministries of Health know that strong leadership and management are key to scaling up their community health and immunization systems. AMP Health partners with Ministries of Health to more effectively train, deploy, and optimize the performance of thousands of community health workers. Together, we drive extended coverage of proven healthcare interventions, improved public health outcomes, saved lives, and improved livelihoods.

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We place private sector professionals as Management Partners within Ministries of Health in African countries for real-time training and facilitation with a supportive partnership network. 

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We tailor leadership and management training (online and in-person) for individual Ministry of Health team members responsive to the specific challenges they face in their work

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We collect and share cross-country learnings and best practices and focus on building capacity for impact


    Our Vision

    • Effective and resilient community health programs
    • Far-reaching and equitable immunization for all
    • Enhanced leadership and management capacity in Ministries of Health
    • A new cadre of global health leaders in Africa
    •  Increased and better coordinated private sector investments in community health
    • Greater global understanding of best practices on scaling health delivery systems