AMP Health is just getting started

We are actively engaging countries to partner with across Africa to grow our network of problem-solvers and leaders. 

To apply, please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The instructions for completion and submission can be found here.

EOIs are to be a maximum of 3 pages and can be submitted in MS Word or PDF format to

EOIs will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, so ministries of health are highly encouraged to submit proposals as soon as possible.

Criteria to determine suitability of AMP Health support for interested countries

AMP Health will look for evidence of the following in determining countries best suited to its support:

1.     Key inflection point in community health system that could benefit from more effective leadership & management and/or have an ambitious plan for scaling up the community health system

  • Examples include the need to develop a national community health strategy, effective implementation of a new/revised community health strategy, adapting the community health system to changing condition
  • Scope of work must be transformative enough to accommodate the pace, skillset, and capacity of a Management Partner

2.     Strong political commitment to community health

  • Presence of leaders willing to champion community health
  • An enabling political environment supportive of community health and which has made or demonstrates a willingness to make investments in community health

3.     Engaged network of donor and implementing partners

  • Network of partners interested in supporting the development of community health systems