AMP Health


As a collaboration between multi-sector partners, including the private sector, NGOs, donors, academia, and Ministries of Health (MoHs), AMP Health addresses the root causes of sub-optimal health services at the community level. Working with countries that have a bold vision for their community health systems, the partnership provides a menu of support to MoHs to strengthen management and leadership capacity. Through the AMP Health platform, partners actively problem-solve a range of real-time community health systems challenges and collaborate with local and global experts bringing together cross-sector perspectives and implementing solutions. 

Our Vision of Success

  • Increased and better coordinated private sector investments in community health
  • Greater global understanding and scale of highly functional delivery system best practices
  • Effective and resilient community health systems
  • Enhanced management and leadership capacity in Ministries of Health
  • A new cadre of global health leaders in Africa

Our Value Proposition

We are a partnership that aims to increase leadership and management skills in Ministries of Health to strengthen health systems in low-and middle-income countries. Our value proposition includes:

  • Management Partners from the corporate world: seasoned mid-career private sector professionals are placed within Ministries of Health
  • Leveraging private sector expertise in management and leadership: for example, providing mentors, subject-matter expertise, training curriculum, and professional coaches
  • Depth of the program - strategic, focused, and long-term: a select and targeted number of MoH staff participate in the program over a two-year period with a sharp focus on catalytic community health initiatives
  • Level of support to the Ministry of Health: working closely with community health system leaders within MoHs with program oversight from senior MoH leaders
  • Demand-driven support to Ministries of Health: the core principle of the program is responsiveness to evolving needs
  • Promoting collaboration across government departments and partners: the MP is based at the MoH and facilitates engagement with other government partners, donors, implementing partners, and the private sector