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Ghana has been implementing the Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) program for over 10 years. In the initial pilot of the CHPS model, child mortality was reduced by 38% and total fertility by one birth. Since the initial pilot, the CHPS program has grown and now has 3,175 functional zones (National CHPS Policy, 2016), with the addition of new functional zones ongoing. While progress has been made, the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service recognize that rapidly scaling up the CHPS program is vital to achieving SDG 3.8, which is to achieve universal health coverage by the end of 2030.

AMP Health recognizes an opportunity to partner with both the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service to accelerate priority areas on policy development, strategy setting, and implementation and scale-up of the CHPS program.



  • Increase CHPS coverage

  • Strengthen supervision and implementation of CHPS program

  • Strengthen the youth employment agency's community health initiatives with CHPS

  • Foster stronger collaboration between Ministry of Health, GHS, donors, and partners

  • Identify and implement digital platform to enable data entry/availability, decision-support, and workflow automation for community-based service providers