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Malawi has about 10,000 Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs). These health workers are the vital link between villages and the health system, and have contributed to a significant drop in the country's under-5 mortality rates, from 222 per 1,000 live births to 63 per 1,000 live births (1990-2016).

AMP Health began working in Malawi in 2016 to continue the momentum of this program, such as ensuring an adequate supply of Health Surveillance Assistants and developing a plan for future scale-up. Since 2016, AMP Health has supported the birth of Malawi's National Community Health Strategy and Policy, the integration of community health in its Health Sector Strategic Plan, and increased performance of and investment in its community health system.

our Shared impact

  • Developed community health monitoring indicators, setting the stage for transition to an integrated digital platform

  • Developed guidelines and began training community groups that will strengthen community engagement and social accountability

  • Doubled the annual budget and staff of the Ministry of Health’s Community Health Services Section

  • Disseminated the national community health strategy into the majority of Malawi's 29 districts