Our Model

AMP Health has a holistic, team-based approach to strengthening leadership and management capabilities. AMP Health works in collaboration with Ministries of Health to design bespoke capacity building programs anchored around six leadership and management elements.

Holistic team-based approach.png

Management Partners: Mid-career professionals with leadership & management experience from the private sector placed within Ministries of Health to engage in real-time joint problem solving, planning, training, and facilitation

In-Country Workshops and Live Learning: Skill-building sessions specifically tailored to team needs, complemented by additional live learning facilitated by Management Partners

Distance Learning: Training program coordinated by the African Management Initiative and endorsed by three leading African business schools

1-on-1 Executive Coaching: Coaching for Ministry team members to address strategic and team management topics

Focus Workstreams: Identification of a specific challenge within each Ministry program that will be tackled using strategies from leadership and management trainings

Leadership Labs: Annual convenings of all AMP Health programs for leadership and management training and sharing of best practices across countries and teams