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In 2010, Zambia set a target to train 5,000 community health assistants (CHAs) by 2020. To date, 1,200 CHAs have been deployed with an additional 500 trained CHAs awaiting deployment. In July 2017, the National Community Health Strategy was launched with the intent of increasing access to health care, contributing to enhanced knowledge and health environments, and reducing morbidity and mortality, particularly amongst pregnant women and infants.

The Ministry of Health engaged AMP Health in June 2017 to make recommendations on the structure for a dedicated community health leadership team, and as such, AMP Health recognizes an opportunity to partner with the Ministry of Health to work towards the successful implementation of the Strategy. 

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Our Shared Impact

  • Advised Ministry of Health on identifying a governance and management structure for their community health system

  • Catalyzed investment by Ministry of Health in a community health leadership team